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Estimation :
30000 - 40000 EUR
POLLES - Eupalinos - Bronze with shaded black patina - 56 x 26 x 25 cm -  Exhibition: Polles at the Louvre, 2018 (similar model) - Note : Pollès' sculptures are made of bronze (85% copper, 5% zinc, 5% lead, 5% tin) and patinated with metal salts - acids that induced several monoatomic layers of nascent oxides, chemically attached to the metal, which is thus protected from the outside environment for eternity. This is the classic patina process, the most traditional since antiquity. What is new here, and workshop secrets, are the products used, the fruit of the artist's chemical research. A certificate from the artist will be given to the purchaser - Note: Pollès is a French sculptor born in Paris in 1945. His favorite subject of study is the human body, especially the female body. His creations, in the tradition of Greek sculpture, are a short circuit between Aristide Maillol and Brancusi, between the mass of one and the tip of the other. The fleshy but dynamic bodies are all the more attractive thanks to their sensual and polished patina, while their shape echoes the art of Picasso.