Shane Guffog

Guffogg's works consist of mediums such as oils on canvas or paper, watercolors, gouache, pastels on paper, and traditional etchings on zinc plates. The size of Guffogg's pieces can range anywhere between 10” x 8” to 10’ x 8’.The paintings with oils typically have as many as 60 to 70 layers of translucent colors. These colors are mixed with a glazing medium that gives these works an illuminated look. This particular process of layering is customary of the Masters and shows how Guffogg's work is rooted in ways of historical European painting techniques.
After visiting the work of the Master's in person during his European travels, Guffogg came to the realization that art is a language in itself as it can explain certain things words cannot.As a result, his works can be thought to be its own language of signs and symbols through its patterns, visual depth and light; which can, in turn, emit emotion to the viewer and hints to Quantum Physics and Super String Theory.

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Shane GUFFOG (1962) - Giverna de Benci, 2011 - Huile sur toile signée, titrée et datée au dos - 77x 61 cm - exposition : Shane Guffogg, Musée academie des beaux arts de St petersbourg 2015 - Note : Shane…
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