Charles Artus

The great French and foreign museums preserve works by Charles ARTUS: Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris, Musée de Rouen, Museums of Vernon, Gien, Boulogne, Poitiers, Mont de Marsan, Philadelphia, Metropolitan Museum of New York, Museums of Tokyo, Toronto, Ottawa, Luxembourg and many others...

Since his death, his fame has continued to grow and he is now one of the greatest in the eyes of amateurs, with Bugatti, Pompon, Guyot and Sandoz.

Find in auction this very beautiful sculpture representing the Egyptian cat.

In Egypt, the cat was not only loved for its usefulness, but also worshipped as an emblem and as an incarnation of the gods. It represented in particular the god Osiris who, when he did not want to be recognized, liked to transform himself into a cat, and the goddess Bastet, or Bast, benefactor with the body of a woman and the head of a cat. Protector of the home and guarantor of fertility, guardian of health and personification of light and warmth, the goddess Bastet was the most beloved deity of the people and no one could be found who did not possess an amulet of her.

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Charles ARTUS
Charles ARTUS (1897-1978) - Tête de chat égyptien - Bronze à patine brun richement soutenu. Haut : 29.3 cm, Long : 10.8 cm, Prof : 13.1 cm Tirage d'artiste signé "Ch. Artus" fondu par "C. Valsuani, Circa…
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