Chambolle-Musigny, les Amoureuses, a wine of exception

Declared archetype of the "lace and velvet" wine, it has been positioned for decades as the finest and most elegant wine of Chambolle, which is itself the commune evoking delicacy and subtlety. This small climate which measures 5 ha 40 to 13 follows the glorious Musigny in its high part while overhanging the Clos de la Perrière located on the finage of Vougeot. Its rather high exposure, a touch fresh and looking at the rising gives the wines a unique softness of texture and more than anything else the exhalation of a fruit like no other. Whoever has drunk a Amoureuses de noble origine in his life as a taster cannot forget these penetrating violet and morello cherry aromas.resting on brown limestone soils mixed with scree and silt from the dejection cone of the adjacent combe, the vine finds here a substratum less loaded with clay than on the rest of the côte du nuiton and generates fruits marked by an extra finesse and grace. In the upper part of this finery there are still some areas where stone has been extracted because the mother rock is outcropping in some places. The road that leads to the Clos de Vougeot cuts through the upper part of this area and about 1 hectare of the vineyard is directly aligned with the great Musigny between the two marvelous - and so little known - small climates of Borniques and Chabiots.

LOT n°52

Chambolle Musigny

6 bouteilles CHAMBOLLE-MUSIGNY 2004 1er cru "Amoureuses" Domaine Moine-Hudelot (étiquettes très léger marquées, 1 très léger déchihrées, traces de colle aux extrémitées sur les collerettes millésimes)

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