Sayed Raier Raza, un artiste exceptionnel

All his career, Raza shares his time between Paris, Gorbio and India. His country has always held a unique place in his work. If he draws from his childhood memories an overflowing imagination, he is also inspired by Indian metaphysical currents. The black circle, called "bindu", is for him a source of energy and creativity. A true "third eye" expressing the inner vision, it gives birth to shapes, colors, but also vibrations and energies. Master Raza maintains a spiritual relationship with nature and invites, through his paintings, to a contemplative attitude. Working with geometric forms, the circle, the "mandala" is part of a global balance. But if it is part of a thousand-year-old Indian tradition, it is no less in rupture with "traditional" art. Militant for the emancipation of Indian art, he created in 1947 the "Progressive Artists Group" in Bombay. Considered one of the first modern painters, Raza was a true "free electron" in the world artistic landscape.