Cognac Hennessy Paradis Impérial

The decanter is a unique creation by Stephanie Balini, which incorporates the most sophisticated crystal and an 18 karat gold plated label. A decanter that is sure to be the most beautiful in your collection.
Such refinement in a Hennessy cognac is best enjoyed neat, and at room temperature. The best glass for serving is tulip-shaped for the ultimate tasting experience.
Elegance and heritage are the hallmarks of this cognac. Hennessy is renowned for having one of the most expensive collections of eaux-de-vie in the world, but only about ten are deemed suitable to join the exclusive blend of Hennessy Paradis Imperial, out of a potential ten thousand.
This process requires an exceptional level of expertise and artistry; the cellar masters must know when the brandy is at its optimum and when it is ready to be part of the blend.
Not only does it take years of dedication to create a vast library of eaux-de-vie, but the techniques of tasting the quintessential cognac have been passed down through seven generations of the Fillioux family. Only master blenders with years of expertise will be able to judge when a Hennessy Paradis Imperial cognac is at its best.
History of Hennessy Paradis Imperial
This bespoke feature of the Hennessy collection is inspired by a cognac created for Russian Tsar Alexander I in 1818, making it a royal favorite. The Paradis selections are truly prestigious; they are composed of the finest eaux-de-vie that, although created in 1979, have been carefully selected over two centuries of Hennessy history. It joins other cognacs like the Hennessy Paradis edition which is also a true work of art. source