Edouard Marcel Sandoz, a popular animal sculptor

The style of the beginning of Sandoz's career is very academic. At the age of 28, the artist turned to animal sculpture. He then reaches the fullness of his art. His sculptures become geometric and stylized. Paradoxically, it is through this stylization that he creates the life of the animals he sculpts. 
In recent years, we have presented several bronzes by Sandoz including a dane dog, a rabbit, a guinea pig, a snake, two owls ... 
The sitting cat, large model (42 cm) fetches between 40.000 and 60.000 € ; the small model : 4.000 / 5.000 €. 
The seated Fennec exists in several sizes: the estimate for the large one (30cm) is 20,000 / 30,000 €; the small one: 5,000 / 7,000 €. 
Last example: the estimate of the Rabbit jewel (6cm) is: 2.000 / 2.500 € while that of the Rabbit head turned - rarer sculpture - is 5.000 / 6.000 €. 
Note that the large sculptures for the artist (60-70 cm) are close to 200.000 €. 
All these prices apply to bronzes.
However, Edouard-Marcel Sandoz also produced ceramic pieces, either sculptures (quite rare), or objects such as the Duck Pitcher or the Fennec Candy Jar, which fetch between € 200 and € 500. 

Marcel Sandoz, estimation of the sculptures, quotation and sale
If you wish to know the value of your Sandoz sculpture, the experts and specialists of paintings are with your listening to communicate to you free of charge the quotation of Sandoz on the current market of art. Our team is at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable solution for the sale of your sculpture, whether it be an auction or a direct buyer.