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mercredi 11 novembre 2020 16:00
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Paintings, prints, sculptures, jewelry


Email: contact@expertisez.com

Tel : 01 40 17 05 05

Auctioneer : Eric Couturier

Registration for free sale

Free storage fees

Organization of transport (according to conditions and on estimate)

Exhibition by appointment Monday 9 November and Tuesday 10 November 10 am to 6 pm 

Wearing a mask is mandatory

For more information, please contact us at contact@expertisez.com
Sales conditions
Expertisez SAS, a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 12,000 euros, created in 2002, is an operator of voluntary sales by public auction (O.V.V.) governed by the law of July 20, 2011 and declared to the Council of Voluntary Sales of Furniture by Public Auction, under number 068-2015. The registered office is 75 boulevard Haussmann, Paris 8th.
The auctions organized by Expertisez SAS are relayed on the internet. The winning bidder will be the highest bidder and last bidder.
The sale is carried out in euros even if it is relayed by foreign sites whose currency is different.
The works are presented on the website Expertisez.com where the dates and times of sales are indicated.
It will also be indicated the days, preceding the sale, when it will be possible to see the works, and this only by appointment.
Purchasers are invited to examine the lots that may interest them before bidding and to note their condition. Remarks, additions or modifications having been made before the presentation of the lot, no dispute will be taken into account. Lots preceded by a * are sold by a member of the sales company or the company itself or one of its experts according to article L 321-5 II of the Commercial Code. In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 321-17 of the French Commercial Code, the OVV's liability is barred after five years from the date of the auction or public auction.

Jewelry: The precious and semi-precious stones may have been treated to enhance their value. Example: oiling of emeralds, heat treatment of rubies and sapphires, whitening of pearls, etc.... These treatments are traditional and accepted on the international jewelry market. Given the upsurge of new treatments, the stones presented without certificates are sold without any guarantee as to a possible treatment. It is specified that the origin of the stones and the quality (color and purity of the diamonds) reflect the opinion of the laboratory issuing the certificate. No claim will be accepted if another laboratory issues a different opinion and the sales company and the expert cannot be held responsible.
Watches: Restorations, modifications, technical characteristics, serial numbers, dimensions, weight are notified within our means. They are given only as an indication to facilitate the inspection of the potential purchaser and remain subject to his personal appreciation. The responsibility of the auctioneer and the expert cannot be called into question in case of omissions that may remain despite the precautions taken. The absence of any indication does not imply that a watch is free of defect. No guarantee is made on the condition of watches and bracelets. Revisions, adjustments and water-resistance remain the responsibility of the purchaser. No claim will be accepted once the auction has been pronounced.

Subject to having presented, before the sale, sufficient financial guarantees, it is possible to bid:

on specialized auction platforms: Expertisez, drouotLive, auction, invaluable, thesaleroom, and lottissimo.
By telephone for live auctions with a firm purchase order corresponding to the low estimate. Telephone auctions are accepted from 200 euros.
By leaving a purchase order 

Estimates are given for information purposes only and do not guarantee the final result of the auction.

The buyer receives an invoice and does not become the owner of the property awarded until full and effective payment to Expertisez SAS of the price, commissions and related expenses. As soon as the auction is pronounced, the auctioned items are placed under the full responsibility of the buyer. It will be the purchaser's responsibility to insure the lots at his own expense as soon as they are sold.

Payment and selling expenses :
In addition to the auction, the successful bidder will have to pay a fee set at 25 % including all taxes.

No additional commission is retained for bids made on internet platforms.

Payment must be made immediately after the sale.
The means of payment are as follows: Transfer to the Société Générale account
Agence Paris Saint Honoré74 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, Paris 8ème - Account n° 0303100022073657 33-IBAN : FR76 3000 3030 3100 0220 7365 733-BIC : SOGEFRPP - In cash within the limits of the legislation in force - Credit card, Visa and Master Card under consideration.

Default of payment :
In accordance with article 14 of the law n°2000-642 of July 10, 2000, in the event of non-payment by the successful bidder, after formal notice has remained unsuccessful, the property will be put up for sale again at the request of the seller on the basis of an unsolicited bid by the defaulting bidder; if the seller does not make this request within a period of one month from the date of the auction, the sale will be cancelled by right, without further notice. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)