Edy Legrand

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Edy Legrand
Edy LEGRAND (1892-1970) - Orientalist Scene, Tanger - Watercolor signed - 48 x 35 cm - Note : " In Morocco, Edy-Legrand was fascinated by the elements of life he discovered in the incessant movement of the crowds and in the vibration of the color by the play of light on the costumes and the decor. The show is so totally pictorial that he complains, at first, that he is forced to fight against the temptation to faithfully reproduce the external reality [...]. The more he paints, the more clearly he asserts his independence from the spectacle of nature. What he likes above all is to recreate the quivering of matter through the infinite combinations of colored masses. Claude Leclanche-Boulé, Edy-Legrand, trip to Morocco, itinerary of a painter, 1993