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Tribute to Jean COCTEAU: in a portfolio, several texts by André Verdier "His hands, artisans of poetry, knew how to imprison his own death in the net of chimeras" - It must have been in 1928, I had gone to see Jean in a clinic. I was looking at his hands on the sheet and as if I had thought out loud, I told him that his hands were older than he was; this remark kept him in pause for a long time, "Marcel Jouhandeau - Once upon a time... at the Catalan, we played chess with snails, in the cells of the plate, a game with dreamy rules, a game of lost balls, of snowballs, which burst in the night, the night of the carbon paper of desires. Cheating to lose the real, to lose foot while cutting the tent. Prestiges. Prestiges of the prestidigitator, who of a lie, presents between his fingers a true star", Georges Charaire - Oskar Kokoshka text on the enfants terribles - One joined there on a large sheet a text of Léopold Survage "It left us, leaving us with precious memories of his paints, drawings, paintings and speeches, especially those that appear in his books and theater - his life was a living fountain of his spirit - Survage 61 x 43 cm - Provenance : Estate of Richard de Grab
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