Tamara de Lempicka, a free woman

From all these influences, she made her honey and elaborated an unstoppable painting: immediately seductive by its composition; sufficiently classical in its references to seduce the financial elite of which she made her clientele; sufficiently faithful to the spirit of the time to provoke the admiration of the critics and intellectuals, from Gide to D'Annunzio. For all the frenzy of those years, which foresaw disaster, can be found in the background of the portraits that made Lempicka famous.

LOT n°21


Tamara LEMPICKA - Femme à la mandoline (1933) - Eau forte et aquatinte en couleurs signée au crayon et justifiée 72/100 - 65 x 42 cm Bibliographie Blondel A152 - Griffure et petits manques

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