Methuselah Dom Perignon Luminous rosé, 6 liters of nectar

In addition to the expression of aromatic complexity, Dom Pérignon Champagne wines are distinguished by their structure and substance, which give each vintage a unique, precious and indivisible character. The importance of the aromas also leaves its place to the beauty of the boxes of the House, often created by renowned artists.
Thus, a Dom Pérignon luminous bottle was created - whose label glows in the night - like the Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2002, presented here in Methuselah format.
Dom Pérignon Vintage Luminous Label 2002 is a flamboyant and generous Prestige Cuvée. A great champagne to accompany the most succulent dishes or selfishly alone. A unique bottle with a glittering label to make your tables shine.

LOT n°78

Mathusalem Champagne Dom Perignon

1 Mathusalem Champagne Dom Perignon 2002 Luminous Rosé (Coffret d'origine) - Etiquette et contre étiquette légèrement marquées et griffées - Capsule marquée légèrement griffée - Capsule CRD - Coffret abîmé…

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